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Inspired Recipe of the Korean Tteokbokki - latest update with photos!

I have been having a sudden crave of the Korean's spicy rice cake or Tteokbokki for almost 2 months and I am not even pregnant.

The sudden craving is probably due to my recent obsession of Mukbang and this lady, Keemi, is among the Mukbangers that I look forward to watch weekly. Other than Keemi, I also enjoy watching Ben Deen. And there are a few others who really go to an extra mile in making great videos of eating and cooking yummy food.

Back to my craving phase, I have been wanting to eat yummy Korean food and I have had even tried eating a tteokboki at a restaurant near my office and honestly, they tasted horrible! I cried buckets inside when they sent my order and it was totally crap. The taste was not even close to the taste of real food. I understand if the taste was going to be a bit peculiar but the food I ordered was beyond that. I can definitely eat Kimchi, Bulgogi, or any of the Jigaes, but that restaurant's tteokbokki, it was very disgusting. I don't think I…

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