The long hiatus

Hello my dear blog,

Well, what do you know? It has been 3 years, 2 months, and 28 days since I last posted something here and within that time, a lot of beautiful things have happened to me and Farid.

First of all, I've finally met my first born - Fahim on 3 May 2013. He has been such a great sport - so brilliant, creative, and not to mention annoying at times. Now that he is 3 years old, his vocabulary can sometimes be quite impressive for a boy of his age. He loves singing (and dancing), playing with blocks, getting his hands dirty with almost everything, and most of all, getting himself so obsessed with Star Wars!

I love him so much that I cry buckets if I have to work outstation. But of course, we are not limiting our family members to only us three. We decided to get pregnant again and it was a surprised, yet exciting news to us when we learned that the second one is a girl!

We met Alanna Fae on 22 February, last year, 2015. She completes us. She completes Fahim's imagination of a first friend and someone whom he can look after. She completes my dream of getting a baby girl - who I hope to be my best friend, the one who will share almost every thing with me and she definitely completes Farid's dream of having his own little princess.

Everything fasts forward, we are now living in Kelana Jaya, with one great, useful Pesona, with two chaotic cuteness, Fahim and Alanna.

And today I realized, what more could I've asked for? Nothing else. Simply because, this is my happiness.

Selamat Hari Raya everyone!

Love from all of us;

Farid, Adibah, Fahim, and Alanna.


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