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I was a rock star

do you still remember this?

how can I miss this one?!

I'm not saying that I like she's being an Illuminati

mari lihat ada apa dalam hidup siti adeb


look what I found in dad's notebook

1st of december 2009

hey it's my birthday!

ohh my bubbly buble!

Legal gambling?

What do you call this?


perbezaannya ialah...

as of my condition right now

perihal raya-raya hari ini

talking about irony and Allah Almighty

are you shallow or are you yellow?

sebak la plak

Perasaan ketika ini,

The weirdest thing ever

lagi bebelan at random

Anda malas? Sila baca ini.

Discrimination upon discrimination

cuti ke?


here in Sideq

hari jumaat la weh hari ni

MC Mong

MJ again

So what?

as early as 8 am?

The Last House on the Left

my new babies...

I gotta feeling!

Pada saat ini....

He's 50 years old today!

Dola Re Dola

crawling in my skin

ish, penat la!

wait up, you'll get your chance kid!

What kind of a guy will you fall for?

crap shit

You know what....

hey, it's miley!

Yep..this is also for you.

The Alchemist

Going down to memory lane

pretty much of what I'm having right now

A note from a mother to her beloved son, Adel

crappy notes


Melancholic Day

we have our own plans

Dan kesudahannya

critical condition, critically critical

Dah abes weh!

Ulat-ulat menyerang


ini lah dia siti adibah mutalib

at times like this,

nak jual, nak beli?

Pre-pre graduation night!