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I just realized something. Whenever that I am happy and I am free from the hectic of workloads, I tend not to write anything. As if my head is blank, zero and empty. I don't look out for what's happening in the world, or even what's going on outside my room.

This is the time when my mind is free from hassles but nothing seems to please me. Although my head is free from assignments and tests, I still could not find things to be written. Everything seemed to fade away together with the workloads.

I think I am the kind of person who needs limits, time constrains, deadlines so that I have the urge, the pressure that pushes me to go on writing or do things that I like/don't like to do.

What about freedom of writing? Freedom to write anything you want without any pressure, limitations or anyone to push you to finish. I want that too. Again, I'm hard to please.

How can people write about politics? How can they consume so much input about political agendas, arguments, liberalism, anarchy, democracy, yada, yada, yada.... When they'd already knew that these are the things that poisoned the minds of the adults into such despicable acts, wars and irresponsible behaviours.

I don't think that I need to elaborate more on this matter.

What about those people who wrote things about gossips, irrelevant matters that should not be told ever? Speaking of slanders and bad-mouthing people. You are spreading those sickening thoughts of yours and telling people about other people's adultery, cohabitation, and whatnot, what about you? You are the one who's bad-mouthing, so what difference will it make? You are no different from them. You are as bad as the stories that you made up and you are as sick as your slanders. Am I right?

So, what should I write about? I know I have been writing about nonsense and my typical love-drama. I can't resist to tell the world that I'm happy with whom I want to be with right now though I know there are some of them who loath us. Or in fact, just me for posting up the picture and exposing to the people that we are together now.

Ahh! What the hell! You think I care? Most important is that we are happy with each other and I believe in us. Even if he does not.

Now, let's go back to holiday and enjoy the freedom of life!

C'est la vie~


  1. :)

    keep on writing anything that you like.

    no matter how, in any weird ways, people will always get something and learn from one another. i believe in that.

    btw, be happy with the happiness that you have now. that's all that matter.


  2. My sentiments exactly.
    Probably couldn't have said it better myself.

    'Panjang Umur, Murah Rezeki'

    basically the 'Bahasa Melayu' equivalent of

    "Live Long and Prosper"


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