Yep..this is also for you.

Deep down inside, I am frustrated. I did not want this to happen but it happened eventually.

I had never thought about pointing fingers at you but if only that you realize that life isn't that fair and life isn't that easy. If only that you realize that.

If you open up your eyes for once and really feel what I feel the world may change to a better place and our lives might not be that shitty.

I'm not mad but I'm only frustrated. Please don't get upset with me when my moods are swinging from trees to trees. You have to understand. I am just a girl who is happy to see you and eventually not happy when she is not able to have what she wanted to have regardless whatever shit that is happening.

Well, as I said, life is not always beautiful. Same goes with me, same goes with everybody.

I'm frustrated and things can never be the same. Deal with that hun.


  1. life isn't always beautiful, but u r. evn whn u're mad. hehehehe

  2. Waaah, good thing i wasnt here to accidentally post a comment~

    Sorry for the last time Mr. Tajuzz~!
    eyh wait, LM~!


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