Going down to memory lane

Last weekend was unplanned yet it was a damn thrilling experience!

It was like dejavu but this time without Wan around. We went back to Seri Menanti where all fun we had back when we were little kids begun.

Busy with the world of adults and stupid grown-ups that I forgot about how fun it was to balek kampong with them. I could still remember the time when Hari Raya was near, we would go back to Seri Menanti and atok would go look for buluh for lemang and MERIAM BULUH!!!

Then, we would stroll down the village with our young uncles and aunts on motorbikes. Believe me, that was so much fun as compared with strolling down, jalan-jalan with my friends here in Shah Alam! Because, back then, we didn't even have our helmets on and we don't have any license! And the best part was, we were only 12! haha

Breaking the rules was fun! Now that everyone is all grown-up and some of them are already married and have kids, they get pretty busy and not to mention, boring. It goes the same with me.

Last weekend, these little cousins went fishing at the pond next door and they got leeches all over their body! It was so effin' disgusting but I managed to cope with that because that was all the fun I had to laugh at their stupidity and being bitten by leeches!

We went to the cems, and visit our Wan and helped with plucking out the weeds, raking the leaves and whatnot. It was peaceful. It was like everyone was there. Seriously. Not only Wan, her late parents, and sisters and cousins. The cems up on the hill near our house is like owned by the family. I have to say, it was awesome to have your own territory even when you are in the after world. I guess.

Now that Wan is gone, it made me realize how much fun I have been missing all this while just because I was too anxious to grow up and I forgot to share the fun with her. I'm sorry Wan. We all hoped that you are happy over there and although we are having fun here, we still remember you. We remember you well. I love you Wan.


  1. hurm..sobs.


    i had the same feelings too when my late grandma left.
    i was so busy growing up and almost forgot her. it was indeed a great regret.

  2. hmm.. how i hope i cud turn back time.

  3. Best we can do is look to the future and not forget those who have passed on.


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