Melancholic Day

Most of the time, people think that they are able to forget sadness and misery as swift as it seen.


Little that they know that solemn follows wherever you go. Memories written shall never be forgotten and always be remembered wherever you may go.

As for today, everyone is happy because it is a Saturday. Everyone is happy because everyone gathers at home and laugh and eat in.


I could feel the emptiness. I could feel that there is someone watching us from far. I hope that she is glad to see us here at home, praying for her well over there. Though, deep down inside, I am missing her so much. I didn't get the chance to say goodbye or even to hear her calling my name for one last time. Up until today, I am still regretting it.

I am really sorry and how I wish I could turn back time. If only I could. I would.

Wan, I really miss you.

I know it has been weeks now but I still could not adapt with the fact that you are not around. I can't bear with her not being there. I am used to coming in and out seeing her waving me or welcoming me. Now that she's gone, the feeling is no longer the same.

I am sad. Terribly sad. How I miss her so much. I miss you Wan. Really am.


  1. Change is never really easy,
    especially one so unexpected,
    one any person would dread,
    all we can do is do our best to cope, wish for
    Good Luck And God Bless.


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