oy tupai,

Sepandai-pandai tupai melompat akhirnya jatuh ke tanah jua.

You just wait for your turn one day. The whole world knows about this and how I hope that you see it for yourself. Do you think that people won't know you are a big fat liar? We know but we never say a thing about it not because we are easily trusting, but we are so goddam lazy to tell you and we want you to rot in hell. That's all.

So, have fun deceiving other people, because I'm done. I've had enough. You are just that big tin kosong. Making so much noises but nothing inside.

I don't want to pray to God that you get your cut one day, I just hope that you repent. Maybe, there's still hope. But I doubt it. Knowing you. Your ego is as big as your big empty head.

And, you're dumb. Like what your brother in-law calls you, arse-hole.


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  2. haih? tiba-tiba bersuara? xtau punca, main assume je? haa...bak mai bgtau apa punca nk tau sket.... i'm so damn "konfiden" of course! pandai kah tupai tu? melalut kah tupai yg lagi satu tu? punca apa lagi weh? bgtau lah.. ada lagi ke kebenaran yg SEMUA orang tak tau?

    btw, kenapa all of a sudden tiba-tiba nak bersuara balik? takut "reputasi" jatuh? don't bother. no one nak layan dah. duduk jek lah tempat kau elok-elok, diam-diam, jangan bersuara. sebab, kalau kau pilih utk rasa kau patut menang jugak, you're waaayyyy stupider than i thought you are.

  3. the Prophet once said and I quote: "I wanted one thing, but Allah has willed another thing - and what Allah has willed must be best" (see Manar, vol. V, p. 74).

    = everything happens for a reason :)

  4. yes, thank you eisya. everything happens for a reason kan?

    Alhamdulillah for the truth. and thank you Allah for opening up my eyes. :)

  5. why all the hot steam. u made dumb stunts then suddenly you are the victim. u are always and forever will be the victim, the one been misunderstood and the innocent. NOOTTTTTTTT...

  6. touche awai..hahahaha!

  7. owh wow...never thought he has a "teloq"!!im so glad u realized before u end spending ur life with a loser!what else is they to explain?i'm so sure that tupai is just gonna create "punca"...as always..shuh shuh to ur pathetic life!

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  9. Comment deleted
    This post has been removed by the author.

    8/28/10 4:02 PM

    apa tu? haih. pasni dia ckp lah aku yg meroyan. haha

  10. dua deleted post, alaaaaah , masa aku tak 'stalk' masa tu gaaak dramaaaa, adesss T-T

    ni nak kena 'follow' ni~~~~!!

    bawak bersabor yeeoppp~~~~~

    akhirnya nampak hikmah gak kan apa terjadi~~~~

    yay for hidayah bulan ramadhaaannn~~~

  11. omg..i byk typo ok kt atas..i was so mad n tgh rushing...*what else is there to explain?"

  12. hahahhahahahaha! takpe lah kakten. kesah pulak. everyone was pissed.

    and here's what he replied after your comment: TaJuZZaMaN has left a new comment on your post "oy tupai,":

    hehehe klaka btol. mcm aku kisah jek.
    pathetic pn xpe la. jnji bahagia. dh2 aku x muncul lg dh pasni. sapa nk ckp ape pn ckp la. lalalalalala

    Posted by TaJuZZaMaN to life as a 'siti' at 8/28/10 4:02 PM

    and agus, here's what he said awal2 yg dia remove tu: TaJuZZaMaN has left a new comment on your post "oy tupai,":

    xtau punca main assume je. aku kah 'arse-hole' yg dimaksudkan itu? konfiden kah? hai...baik jd tupai yg pandai dari jd tupai yg bodoh melalut membabi buta.

    Posted by TaJuZZaMaN to life as a 'siti' at 8/28/10 6:24 AM

    dia bajet dia delete, aku takde copy lah? hahaha

  13. wahahaah, siot jer adeb , siap ada simpan copy, semua comment kau ada coopy ek? siffuuu , ajak aku blogging nanttiiiiiiii, nak campak articles sini laaaaa~~~~~~

    sesuai gak akhirnya title "oy tupai " tu yer, ahahaha~~~

    nasib kau ada copy,leh join membaca ke-drama-an yang hebat lagi tangkap kacis.

  14. omg!stupid gler!and his comments just showed how childish he was, he is and he will be!


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