What happened yesterday?

Yesterday was a hot, steamy day. - puns intended. (heh)

So, today I'm not writing about anyone specifically and please, no more feeling awkward or funny as if I'm writing this piece about you. And if yes, you do feel like I'm writing about you, it's my blog and it's my rights to write whatever I want. Correct?

Hey friends of Teslians, can't wait to see you guys at 6 and talk about what we've been missing all this while. I've prepared my gears (my love, my cam of course) and my tummy to capture each and every moment with you guys tonight. And for those who can't join, too bad, because I would want to have a chat with you guys too. So, maybe next time in the future, we could have another gathering like this and maybe that time I'll bring my kids or hubby pula?

Yup, today I'm going alone. But of course, Amel and me are going together but not as date or whatever. And in fact, I'm supposed to write a 3 pages of review of a book written by Tan Sri and to be submitted tomorrow morning. But then again, procrastination is my middle name. So, I will try and write them tonight. InsyaAllah.

And what happened to yesterday's hot, steamy incident? Well, to be honest I tried to find one similar puns/phrase/sentence/saying/quote about it but none seem to be appropriate. All in all, I can say yesterday was only about cheap talk. Everyone can talk, I can, you can and even a child can but can you walk the talk?

And of course, this is what I teach my students everytime they want to do their presentations, know exactly what is your intention of presenting the fact? To inform? To persuade? To debate about? To argue for? To argue against? To sell yourself? To what?

So, teachers, let's walk our talks, and talk our walks? ---- trying to be funny.


  1. tryinng aaaah....hmmm booleeee laaaaaa~~~~~~~~

    good luck buat kerja yer, harap dah siap dah review nyer, ahahahahah~~~

    PS: aku pon harap jumpa hubby ngan anak2 kau yang berduyun2 beribu2 lemn tu soon ^^

    PSS : mangkuk bagitau ler aku, sapa ko syiok, tak senang tido aku memikir bile kau cakao aku dah tau~!

    amat be-'deb'-ah sungguh~~~~!!

  2. padan muka ko agus...i'm gonna leave you in curiosity for such a looooonnnggggggg time...trust me. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA (gelak evil weh)

  3. argggggggh tidaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaakkkkkkkkkk~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!!

    sampai ngigau2 ni, tak bleh jadi ni~!

    ni nak kena "busy-body" investigations ni~!!
    jeng jeng jengggg~~~


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