A lady whom I see everyday

Today I see her again. It has been almost a month now that I see her as I was waiting for Jo at the station. Every morning. I don’t know her name and definitely I don’t know her at all. She’s pregnant and by the look of her tummy, I’m guessing it's 6 or 7 months now.

The reason why I'm talking about her is that, from what I notice, she's not wearing any wedding ring. To top it of, every morning that I see her, it's her mother (or sister or aunt) who sends her to the station and not any guy who would likely to look like a husband or boyfriend.

And the heartrending part of it is that, she always have that sad look on her face. It kills me everytime I look at it. Makes me feel like hugging her and cry and tell her, you're such a brave woman. You are going to be a great mother. You will. I pray that the kid inside you will know how hard it is for you to carry him all alone and not having someone around to help ease the pain.

If only I could give her a hug. I will.


  1. hug her......just do, maybe you need it as much as her, and well, maybe you'll find out more about her circumstances, why not, while waiting...

  2. just give her a hug...she might need it...who knows deb kan?

  3. if only i could, i would. tapi, dia turun kete, nak pegi keje kot. takkan tiba-tiba nak tahan ajak pep talk pulak korang nih.

  4. .....boleeh kooooootttt~
    tapk pon warm up lah to her, borak2 skit bla bla bla, your socially prepared enough ^^


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