if only that i have the courage to tell...


  1. sometimes its best for a leap of faith....amcam? worth it?

  2. waddaya mean? a leap of faith? how is that? just tell?

  3. ko bedal jer tanya " i love you will you love me too " ahahahaha

    sometimes leap of faith, works, trust me on that, personal experience.

    BUT ONLY if your sure you can lie with the consequences, and doing nothing would make you regret.

    that my 20cents lah

  4. hek mu. tu suicidal namenye.

  5. lol, suicidal to a person determined to others.

    ok per, tapi jgn lah guna ayat tu bulat2 kan, olah2 kan, conversation tu, suapay terjurus kan, pandai2 lah kan, ko kan guru bahasa yang penuh ilmu di DADA hahahahaha~~~


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