Choices in life.

Life is all about decision making. Although it's true that all we could do is to plan and He will decide but still, you have to decide first what you are going to plan and how you want your life to be like, in accordance of ensuring your decision follows the original plan. You get what I mean?

Therefore, a lot of people who use the excuse of fate determines their lives are considered as bull crap. It does not work that way. Your fate is not determined by others and yes, solely true it is determined by your God. Then again, before you can actually rely on fate, you have to take charge of your life. True? If you chose to be involved in drugs nevertheless God has given you the lights and wisdom to get the hell out of it few months back, then, you will end up, trapped in your own decision. However, if you are able to get out from the deadly addiction, the seduction and allurement into getting involved with it again is not by fate, but by choice. You can choose to not to get involved again or to simply endure with the aftermath and eventually gain His blessing and be happy with your life.

Yes, it is as simple as that. So, don't tell me that it is a fate that you end up as a loser because it is not pre-planned by Allah that you will end up to be a sole loser or jackass or anything near that but it's by choice. Everyone was born with gifts, talents and strong credibility. And most of all, we were born with no sin at all. So, are we here to blame our parents, teachers or other role models of who we are today or should we blame ourselves for that?

So, think about it tonight. I know everything that happens to me is by choice. I'll make sure of the consequences first before I chose a certain path and even if I'm not sure, or by fate (now fate comes in), the consequences I predicted didn't go my way, then is when I will know. Therefore, no matter where I'll end up, I'll make sure that I can always come back to step one, to Him, my Creator, and beg for His forgiveness if that path turns out to be in sin and if not, I'll surely to thank Him for showing me the hikmah and life experiences along the way. InsyaAllah.

Are you aware of your choices? Or are you one of those people who leave your destiny in the hands of fate? Or are you just a sole lazy-ass who can't decide of what you want in life?


  1. aku penah cakap sebijik macam ni dulu kat kawan kawan aku. haha.

  2. well, kita kan slalu berfikiran same. ngeh.

  3. its true, riding the ;fate; wave is nothing short of riding a humongous wave of bovine feces...

    i would know, i rode it to my oblivion, the stink will probably never wash away.

    but no one can truly say they were on it without the benefit of choice, you got the board, you wade the mire, you surfed on the most disgusting way to go though life. so you at least made that choice.

    I've made my choice, the bad, the good , the ugly. i don't know and i wont know if all that is really beneficial in the end, that without them, really a part of me would be different.

    A Different Road, A Different path to find yourself, a different journey to self discovery. all amounts to what are the basic wants and needs at the end of that winding, or straight road, and thats an end you never really know, might end 50 years later happy and contented, might end 50 years later bitter and ashamed, or might just end tomorrow bewildered bloodied and confused, or now saying " WTF is agus babbling about", in truth that is the only real irrefutable fate without choice, death and well, life((in essence the begining of life; children, preferably through marriage))

    a drug addict may stop and stare and repent, and die the next die, some might be shocked and sadden by it, some will even find hope in that story; for the silver lining is, the addict found himself, before god chose to take him, and that is beautiful.

    for now yes, I'm ashamed of MY choices, a loser borne on a string of CHOICES, i do still need to find my way, but as you said, face to go, when yuo must trust in fate, ask for guidance and the road shall be made. follow or walk away is another choice to make, something we all know we make.

    So dont write off those of us, still in limbo, it may not look like we are trying but some of us, do try in our way. Some may need help where help is not given, but everybody strives, everybody, ANYBODY can face the terrors of addiction at one point or another, and drugs is just simplest of examples.

    "Are you aware of your choices? Or are you one of those people who leave your destiny in the hands of fate? Or are you just a sole lazy-ass who can't decide of what you want in life?"

    i am all that, aware, unaware, confused, lazy motivated, enraged, broken, mended, hated, loved, confusing, and so much more. would you admit to be the same too?

  4. well, yes. everyone should go through with all of those feelings, facets, phases in life. but in the end, whatever consequences you face, then is when you started to point fingers, blaming fate, blaming everyone around you for what happened to you, is the thing that is unacceptable. because, you are the one who chose to have that in your life. your choice and not others. so, bear with the consequences, praise to Allah if things turn your way and find Him and repent if it doesn't. agree? rather than making too much noises, blaming others for your own choices. (see, i don't use the word mistake, because at times, bad decisions (that you think bad) is not bad at all. it's a wise decision you've made in order for you to recover sanity, equilibrium in life, and most of all, your faith, your Creator, Allah.

  5. agreed ^^

    though remember there is such a thing as uneducated choice, freed from sin, a child is molded at first then begins his choices in earnest. nature versus nurture. you cant blame the parents of the influence of the child's surrounding for everything, but some would argue that thre is a certain form of programming that goes into a rearing of an individual, not just his or her innate personality. even though some peopple who gre up in hardship can be better person then those who didn't, it is maybe BECAUSE of it, that such person and their personalities are bourne, those who strive to do better and those who complacent. Ten again both could just as easily be douche bags in their own way.

    "Pembinaan sahsiah",in this case, the 'blame actually is a benefit in that it helps the advocacy of a better environment for children to grow, mature properly. So that they can make better decisions, that wont burden them as much in the long run. Yes there may be no tried and true system, but like a building, a well thought out planned project that starts with a good foundation, will result in a very sturdy construction that will probably stand the test of time, well until something truly unforeseeable struck.


  6. wow. the pembinaan sahsiah part, couldn't agree more with that. that is true. so, we can conclude lah everything in life is by choice.

    Allah will always help His ummah and it's our choice/decision whether to choose what we think is right for us or not. true?

    so, i don't blame my parents or my grandparents in my context for whatever sins that i have done because definitely, they never taught me to do such things..i learn abt it myself and all of the sinful acts are my responsibility. i admit to that. unlike some, until the end of the day on earth pun, some will always blame their family and friends for what happened to them. and THAT is wrong. true?

  7. Exactly, that is very true.

    i mean, for example, i USED to blame my parents for not helping me have a better islamic foundation, but, a small step a retrospect, just a tad look, and i can DEFINITELY see that they tried, owh yes they tried, HARD, and that the only thing that prevented me from finding god, was myself, my choices, ponteng ngaji, tipu ustaz, its ALL MY DOING. and as they say, the road to better yourself is of course to admit YOU are wrong first and foremost and do better. never to late to change, if Allah deems you redeemable, insyallah.

    When all is said and done, as it is stated clearly by you its by our choice and decision where and when and if that happens, when we give ourselves to Allah, and strive to better ourselves, those around us, the community,and our ummah as a whole.


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