dear boteng,

Since that this is Ramadhan and tak baik lah aku nak doakan ko, i'm not that kind of person. so, listen to this song, and you'll find your way okay? be a better person lah sempena Ramadhan ni. sudah-sudah lah dengan penipuan. walaupun kami tak pasti, tak tahu kebenaran yg pasti, Allah tahu. He sees everything and He knows everything. Even in that small heart of yours. okay? Happy Ramadhan.


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. wah kena delete ~~~

    wah best nyer nashid~~~

    wah tak baik nyer doakan buruk2 buat orang~~~

    wahhh wahhhh wahhhh~~~

  3. weh, bukan kena delete lah. dia sndiri yg delete weh! mmg drama. haha

  4. ko nak tau nape aku ckp same2? sbb...

    TaJuZZaMaN has left a new comment on your post "dear boteng,":

    x pasti so di'assume' kan?xpe2 aku x perlu kn simpati or trust spa2.nk g sna pn dh x hingin.sya akn stay n dok diam2 di cni jek sperti mna sume org pn suke.trimakasih.

    Posted by TaJuZZaMaN to life as a 'siti' at 8/28/10 5:36 PM

    kelaka kan?

  5. hilarious!!sape invited him to come here?gosh?i think he's goin crazy la deba


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