pretty much of what I'm having right now

7 days to go and we are off to June. Yikes! I can't wait for that to happen. This is the longest month I've ever encountered with in my whole life!

I guess it is true about, you leaving school and studies and continue on with working is so freaking scary. I have no money because I have not yet working and I have no other better things to be done because I have finished study.

And now I'm stuck with my "beloved" family at home and I'd to see them every single effin' day. "Lucky me"!

Well, look at it at a bright side. I don't have to pay for anything as long as I'm not working. Yet.

I have to find a job soon. Settle down in a nice, serene apartment of my own and see LM a.s.a.p. because I am missing him like crazy!

Watching That '70 Show series really triggered the energy of sarcasm and none of my brothers understand my jokes. Well, if Red or Hyde is here, they'd probably call them, DUMBASS.



  1. Usual trade-off,
    would you really prefer a bachelor's pad then what you have now?


    no offense

  2. i would! having a place on my own is superbly awesome than staying here and not knowing what the hell am i suppose to do other than lepak dlm bilik weh~

  3. I Would efffin love to turn the house in setiawangsa into a bachelors pad, but as it stands now, that place is a literal dump...

    There is no denying the freedom of your own place. But as it stands, with no steady income, no real plans can be made right? just have to suck it up...

    By the way, you should have a friendly heart to heart with your parents, if you reaaaaalllly feel you neeeed more freedom, curfew-wise, just be sure, to show that you understand that what they do is for your own benefit. but you need some space to 'grow'...its either that or you moving out....which precludes you having a job....


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