as of my condition right now

I hate bullies. They are just bull. And not to mention full of crap.

I can help you with your work only if you ask me nicely. Not if you say, "I nak suruh you...."

Wattefak?! Grow up la you old, saggy lady! and leave me and friends' alone!

Pegi buat keje ko sndiri! Suka tanam lemak je kan smpai buat keje pon malas!

One more thing, my dear "beloved" fashion students (those who have been missing from my class for quite sometime), you guys don't have to come to the class anymore because I am soooooo damn fed-up with you guys!

and... Thank you for only 19 out of 36 people who came today to sit for the mock test. You guys are "GREAT"!



  1. ah.. the sweet sound of a raged lecturer... hehehe

    sakit ati kan? menci je

  2. try ajar budak peralihan la cigu adeb.. huehuehu... kompom begaduh punya lah...


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