wait up, you'll get your chance kid!

I am grateful that Facebook is invented but what I saw today wasn't really the best part of it.

I saw some pictures of my own students at a club, celebrating birthdays and by looking at 'em, I can tell the girls and also the boys were all dressed up like adults!

The dressing up like adults is not a big deal but going to a club, for a birthday party? That is absurd! They are like what? 15 years old? They are minors. They don't get to go to clubs. Who the hell they think they are? Serena Vanderwoodsen? Blair Wardolf? or Chuck Bass?!

This is not a highschool drama series, this is the REAL LIFE! I mean, come on! You are a minor and you celebrate your birthday at a club and you wear tube dresses, high heels and dangling accessories as if you are 23 years old! They seem so anxious to grow up and be adults in which they haven't sit for PMR yet!

What kind of parents who would allow their kids to places like that? They show off their bodies, cleavages, and legs and those who go to clubs are mostly adults and not to mention, old men at the age of 25 and above! Their prayers are soon answered when they see minor, virgins from highschool and don't even know what erection and ejaculation mean!

All I'm hoping is that they are not involved with any of the social problems like alcohol consumption or drugs or sex or anything near those things. Kids, wait up. You'll get your chance to do those stuffs but at the moment, why don't you just finish your school and make your parents proud of you.

Be a good citizen. Be a great leader for our future. Fun, sex, clubs, drugs and alcohols, they are just temporary enjoyment. When you've realized how many responsibles that you are going to carry when you are REALLY an adult, you'll regret that you didn't wait and enjoy being a kid.

I mean, come on laaa! Takleh blah siyot tengok budak-budak sekarang!


  1. hurrmm..
    kan? kan?
    budak skarang..
    we can't really tell their age from their dressing. tp sampai tahap bebal about life, baru kita tau..dah terhantuk baru nk tengadah.

    *agak kecewa jugak*

  2. i totally agree with u
    i mean entah apa la yg deorg excited sangat nak jadi adults nieh

    kita seboleh2nya nak jadik bebudak so care free
    ni deorg nak jadik adults plak

    dah tuh adults buat benda yg bukan2 plak tuh
    kalau nak try adults life try la bayar bil telepon, bil elektrik, makan sendiri then taw la langit tu tinggi ke rendah

    (wah emosi plak)

  3. elly: let's hope that budak2 ni tak buat anything stupid

    faliq: hmmm..btol2! ingat bagos sgt dh besar tuh? pegi la tgk dgn ape yg korg ade tuh, (tah kemane studynye) bley ke di accept oleh orang2 lua? jgn harap la..

  4. sigh. dah tua nak try takpe gak, ni masalahnya kecik2 dah tak sabar nak buat benda pelik. dickheads betul

  5. stended la "baru nak up"!


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