MJ again

Thanks to my dear uncle, he posted this in Fb today.

In that it's clearly stated, the whole world is in doubt whether MJ was a truly devoted Muslim when he was alive. This is not a small or simple matter to not to be talked about because we are speaking of Islam. I'm not saying I'm a pious person but when it comes to religion, nothing can be compromised.

Then again, the speculation of the phrase mentioned by Jermaine a.k.a Muhammad Abdul Aziz had triggered the minds of every human being around the world especially here in Malaysia about the real truth. I bet that the whole nation would be speaking about this matter for about a week and will try to solve the matter by posting chain e-mails from one to another about how true is the speculation created.

By far, my curiosity ends when I read from the article that he (MJ) might have returned to be a Muslim in 2006 and throughout his life he has been a Jehovah’s Witness and had spent a considerable time living abroad and exploring world religions.

Maybe he was a Muslim. Then again, it's His (Allah's) job to determine whether one is a Muslim or not. If he is, Alhamdullilah and Al-fatihah for late MJ.

p.s. I'd still want to know what was his Muslim name?


  1. That's right,
    If he was a Muslim when he died, al-fatiha.

    if he wasn't, then its all left to His(Allah's) own judgment.


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