You know what....

Ignorant people deserve a kick in the ass.

Like what I encountered today while I was commuting home from Shah Alam. I didn't mean to be a racist or in this matter of fact a judgmental human being but to be honest, a person who decided to ignore other people's privacy and eventually "harassing" others' rights to be in peace while commuting in such a long distance, skipping from town to town and had to deal with an imbecile who thought switching on the mobile's song playlist out loud is super awesome, and when I say, super awesome, I meant by, NO, you are NOT super or awesome or anything near that.

At first, I don't mind listening to the Hindi songs that she played on her phone but then, it eventually led to an annoying attempt when she turned the volume up and played the other Hindi and Tamil songs in which I don't even know exist!

I sat right behind her and I was patiently waiting for my stop and the stops that she may or may not wanted to step out from the train. The hopes declined as in the end, she was still there, turning the volume higher until I can't even get my conscious mind to process which country am I in exactly.

Well, I don't know who's to blame and perhaps no one should be blamed in this case. Maybe it's in her culture to listen to catchy, dance-moved songs in the highest volume or perhaps she was trying to distract her mind from thinking about other irrelevant and yet worrying matters that are bugging her or maybe and simply maybe she wanted to show off her new handphone in which I think the Indonesian workers own the latest design of all. Then again, who could argue with that.

Amazingly and yes, I am pretty surprised with the other passengers and yes, I meant by the other citizens of Malaysia who did not say anything and not even a hush/shush/shhh or being mad at this particular ignorant imbecile! Some of us did stare and did roll their eyes to her but none of us actually scream or yell at her to switch that darn thing off! Even I hold myself from laughing my guts out just now! I salute you Malaysians!

I thought the torment would end as soon as we arrived at the destination and who could've thought that she'd keeps the songs played all the way from the train station to God-knows-where-she-has-gone to! ha-ha for that!

All I'm saying is that, "keep up the good work" lady! You have finally proven that you are one darn ignorant dumbass!


  1. hahaha!
    aku pun pnah mengalami ini.
    macam harem..
    gila nk show off enpon and lagu2 yang dia dgr!

  2. Its common here in Malaysia.People are afraid to say anything to ppl who are insensitive to others.They just let it be.Experienced it myself few times. Next tyme when u c those ppl u shud give them a good kick in the ass!!

  3. danced in front of her and karaoke the songs, better in a racist tone, see how she likes them apples....


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