The Last House on the Left

If someone hurt someone you love,
How far would you go to hurt them back?

I watched this movie with LM today and to be honest, I thought it was supposed to be a creepy-crawly, scary movie about a haunted house or anything similar to that. But little that I know it was an AWESOME, thriller movie I've ever watched this year.

Life is full with irony and twist of dramas. Life can be so damn beautiful and tragic at the same time. I won't tell how the movie goes but I'll tell one of the biggest irony from the film. I love the fact that when the psycho killers awaken in the middle of the night and Krug yelled, "who the hell are these crazy people?!" in which he is the one whose doing a rampage murder.

I'd do the same as the Collingwoods if anyone was to hurt any of my family members.

Then, I google-d to read the whole plot and I saw the same movie title with a parentheses; (1972 film). It popped in my mind that I have seen this movie before and yes, this was a remake of the movie I have seen today. Uncle Aizal showed me and my cousins this movie back in the 90s. It was during the Ramadhan. When we were busy baking cookies and we watched this over and over again!

Back to the film, here's the plot to refresh your memory in case that you've forgotten which one I'm referring to;

Mari Collingwood (Sandra Cassel) plans to celebrate her 17th birthday by attending a concert with her friend, Phyllis Stone (Lucy Grantham). Her parents express concern both at the band (Bloodlust) and Mari's friendship with Phyllis, who is implied to be of a lower social class. They let her go, however, and give her a gift before she leaves: a peace symbol necklace.

Phyllis and Mari head into the city for the concert. On the way, they hear a report on the car radio of a recent prison break, involving violent criminals by the names of Krug Stillo (David Hess), his son Junior (Marc Sheffler), Sadie (Jeramie Rain) and Fred "Weasel" Podowski (Fred J. Lincoln). After the concert which ends late at night, Mari and Phyllis stroll the streets, seeking someone who might sell marijuana. They run into Junior, who leads them back to an apartment, where they are immediately trapped by the criminals. Phyllis, who resists, is punched in the stomach and raped. Meanwhile, Mari's unsuspecting parents prepare a surprise party for her.

The next morning, the girls are locked in a car trunk and taken to the countryside as the gang intends to leave the state. The villains' vehicle breaks down right in front of Mari's house while the cops are in her home talking to Mari's parents about her disappearance. Removed from the trunk, Phyllis is beaten after biting Krug's hand; meanwhile, Mari, bound and gagged, realizes that they are near her own home. As she is dragged to the woods, her parents sit inside with two bumbling local police officers who assure them that Mari is probably fine. The officers disregard the gang's broken-down car when driving back to the police station.

In the woods, the girls are untied,and Phylllis is subjected to torment and sadistic humiliation by the gang by making her piss her pants, taking them off, and being forced to hit Mari, then stripped naked and told to "do it". Afterwards, Mari & Phyllis are lying on the grass. Phyllis whispers to Mari she will make a break for it to distract the kidnappers and offer Mari an opportunity to escape. Phyllis takes off, chased by Sadie and Weasel, while Junior stays behind to guard Mari, who makes a desperate attempt to convince the troubled addict that he doesn't need to listen to his abusive father because Dr. Collingwood (Gaylord St. James), her father, can help him instead. She also gives him her peace symbol necklace as a symbol of her trust. Meanwhile, Phyllis is eventually cornered, fatally stabbed, and disemboweled by Weasel and the gang.

Mari eventually convinces Junior to let her go, but they are immediately halted by Krug. He presents Phyllis' severed hand and proceeds to carve his name into Mari's chest before sexually violating her. Following this act, Mari, sick from the shock of being raped, vomits and then walks in a daze over to the nearby lake. Krug shoots at Mari and her body floats on the top of the lake. Krug, Junior, Sadie, and Weasel wash up and change out of their bloody clothes.

In their new attire, the gang shows up at the Collingwoods' home, masquerading as traveling salesmen. Mari's parents agree to let them stay overnight. Junior exposes their identity when his withdrawal symptoms cause him to end up vomiting in the bathroom, where Mari's mother, Estelle, sees Mari's peace symbol necklace dangling around his neck. Later that night she listens in on the gang while they are spending the night in Mari's bedroom and finds blood-soaked clothing in their luggage. She and Dr. Collingwood rush out into the woods, where the couple finds Mari's body by the lake, and she is dead.

Outside, Estelle dupes Weasel into a sex game, in which she performs fellatio on him then bites off his penis and spits it out in the lake. Inside the house, Dr. Collingwood carries his shotgun into his daughter's bedroom, where two of the criminals are sleeping. Krug escapes into the living room and overpowers the doctor, but the criminal is then confronted by his own son, who now brandishes a firearm. Junior threatens to kill his father. Krug psychologically manipulates the already troubled young man, and Junior commits suicide with the weapon. As soon as Krug notices that Dr. Collingwood is missing, the doctor attacks Krug with a chainsaw.

The sheriff arrives and pleads with the doctor to let Krug go. Dr. Collingwood kills Krug with the chainsaw anyway. Sadie runs outside, where she trips and drops her weapon. Estelle tackles Sadie, and after a struggle, Sadie punches Estelle but trips once again and falls into the family's pool. Estelle catches up with Sadie and slits her throat. The couple reunites in their living room in their blood-spattered clothes.

I like the 1972's version since that it was rather more thrilling and gory. But I don't think I am able to watch the old version again. ha-ha. Double thumbs up for this one though!

**source from wikipedia.


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