as early as 8 am?

Time: 7.35 am

Date: 25th June 2009, Thursday

Mode: Cranky mcm haram, rase nak bunuh seekor binatang perliharaan.

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I was hoping that they would understand that this is the phase of my life, the transition from life as a student into the life of career. All I need is time to adjust and adapt. What do you expect me to do? One minute I'm a student and the other, I would busting my ass at work and get the hell out of my bed as early as 6 am like you do?!

It is tough enough that I had to study for freakin' 5 long years and had to maintain the reputation that you wanted and not like how I wanted it to be and I wanted to do what I like but you keep on pressuring me to go into doing the things that I hate the most.

All I'm asking is a peaceful sleep and some privacy. That's all. I'm just like the other people with needs and my need right now is to be able to get a good sleep and a little bit of space of my own. You sleep on a high-quality mattress, but I'm sleeping on a hard-rock piece of cloth with woods underneath it. Be considerate.

One day when I've my own career and my own place to stay, I promise I'll leave. Forever. For good. Just be patience laa for a couple of months jek. Please laa.


  1. same here..huhu..
    tp lepak ah dib! the time will come kan?? huhu~

  2. i faham this situation.


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