are you shallow or are you yellow?

I have needs and I have dreams. In order for me to get to these things, I'd to be a little bit pushy. Pressure leads to success, that is what I always believed in. The same with what I did back then during my study time, when I'm all pressured by time limitation, workloads seemed little and the quantity increased same goes with the quality I hoped.

So, whenever that I need to get to one step higher than what I've today, I need to pressurized myself so that I won't be complacent with what I've already have now. I'm too hard to satisfy. It's not easy to feel safe when you know that we haven't really reach to that safe haven as we think that we have.

In order for you to be on the top, you have to think ahead and one step further than anyone else. Risk your life and having such narrow-minded mentality, won't help you to get wherever that you want to go. It will only be an obstacle that stops you from moving towards your destination.

One more thing is about shallow-ness. Being shallow and naivete are two BIG different things! You being shallow is an absolute over-rated while naivete and get cheated is simply appropriate big time if you understand what I mean.

In this world, there are several types of different people. The people who are naive and thought that the world is such a safe place to be and another circle of people who thinks that the world evolves around them. The ones who are naive and think that the series of unfortunate events in their lives will eventually stop and new leaflet shall bloom. They strive for perfection and eventually encounter these occurrence and be better just like Chris Gardner.

However, as for those who have shallow minds, you could just find them every where here in Malaysia. They don't recycle, they don't want a better life, they don't like to read, they don't like to develop, they hate to think critically and most of all they are just too sensitive when other people talk about them. I am one of them and ironically, I don't want to be known as someone who is shallow.

Being shallow is overly inappropriate as it will not only affecting you as a human also, the whole race of humankind. Life is so worthy to be wasted so why should one? Life is not only about how much money you are making, but life is all about how much you have contributed to your race, religion, faith, parents and your people. It is true that one day our lives shall finish, but isn't in this life is when you perform all of your ibadah and collect all of your "rewards" for the afterlife?

Just something to ponder on, for me and for everyone;

Don't ever think that life in this world is not really important because it is such a big sin if you do not work hard to try to live and simply leave everything for Him to decide. Decision needs effort. By sitting there doing nothing, even God, Himself will despise you.


  1. Its easier to live as the Latter then the former. Humans are if not, creatures of habit, gathering at greener pastures.


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