cuti ke?

Baru beberapa hari yang lepas, the campus is closed due to the URTI. Tak dan nak labuhkan punggung lepak-lepak riang, aku plak kena URTI. Lagi plak confident, takpe takyah la nak amek MC, cuti whatsoever because the campus is still closed until 2nd of August. Tapi...

Di malam ahad yang indah, I received a text message from ten-ten, "Girls, kita kena kerja on Monday! Shait!" and there goes my rest...

The text was then confirmed by my beloved boss, Puan Linda. She texted me, "We have to work on Monday." and my heart goes, "YAY!" *sigh*

So, here I am writing this piece of blog as the summary of what had happened the past few days. And I'm leaving KL to Perak this evening so tomorrow, I'll be writing my blog at the office. No classes to attend tapi will have some clerical stuffs to be done.

I'm going to miss my boteng the most. I hate to say goodbye to him. I hate to part ways with him. Tapi takpa, satgi lepak jmpa boteng sat baru balik k?

p.s. parents aku tgh gila skype-ing! kat luar dok sibuk panggil cousin aku, aziz (7 years old) suh budak tu main gitar lagu Yuna. hmm... people with a lot of free time can do pretty silly stuff!

Gila la depa ni.


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