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This is the second week of my life here in Seri Iskandar and to be honest, I am so happy staying and working here.

The people are friendly, the food is yummy and most of all, the working experience here is rather interesting! I don't think that I'll ever find this so-called fun anywhere than Perak.

Despite of all the joyous and beautiful moments I'm having here, I have to say that things between me and them are not really working out. I'm sulking and in a great despair with the fact that the one person that I hoped to understand and letting me to come here turns out to be the one who's stopping me from the dreams and objectives that I wished to accomplish.

I'm not going back. Period.

I am so sorry but I have to do this. Just so you know that I am not like who you think I am. I will not give up on my work and simply stay with you for the sake of wealth and life-comfort.

I want to save some money and I want to build my own family. Have you ever thought of that? Your first born who wishes to see the world on her own with a little help and guidance and not solely your help without her (me) not knowing how tough life is?

Let me decide my own life and let me face all those obstacles just like you, atok, my uncles and our ancestors did. So, it would be fair for me to taste my own sufferings and hardships so that I'll learn.

I am sorry and I still love you just like when I first stepped into this world.


  1. their just scared for you, that's what parents generally do. Once your a parent you'll definitely understand the feeling.

    But its great that you stepped out of your comfort zone and have this experience. Its definitely a chance you shouldn't miss out on, if you can afford it. Have FUN ok~!

    Prove them wrong, by making them Proud.

  2. its ur life, all the decisions are yours. if we do not comply to what they want it doesnt mean we dont love them. so u go ahead. u know the people who matters most are praying for ur success :) good luck.

  3. you are in Seri Iskandar? Buat apa?

  4. deyna: i'm teaching in uitm, seri iskandar. very near to UTP whr u used to study. hee.

  5. i know! thats y i asked. anyway.. ajar apa? wah.. lecturer umur sebaya dengan students ke ni? hehehe

  6. ade ke yg sebaya? i'm teaching BEL subjects for my diploma students yg degree mmg tak la..tggu i come back with a master degree then i'll teach degree students..hehehe


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