Discrimination upon discrimination

I chose to discriminate people with narrow-minds and total naivette of what's going on around the world.

Don't be surprised to know that there are still some people in some parts of the world (in specific, Malaysia) who discriminate other people just because of these so-called "others" have different ways of thinking, judgment, actions, behaviours, sets of customs and traditions and even cars!

It saddens me to think that these discriminat-ors are those who are intellectual enough to educate our younger generations. It somehow occurs to me that perhaps they have been serving to the government too long and being brainwashed by the government too much about the "perfectionity" of "morality" and "standard social conduct" that others who are different and rightfully correct in their own way are wrong and should be discriminated.

They have been spending too many free times on gossips, envy of others' triumph and stability that they are blinded and handicapped from the ultimate or main objective to come and teach the younger generations the pillars of our one religion and the exact sentiments that we wish to teach them before our minds are being poisoned with such political office agendas and the government's tricky mind-game.

Hearing what's going on in this world has frightened me enough that I could actually see now wherever I go, I would see people dissatisfy with others' achievement and strong dislike towards those who are different.

Is it wrong to be different? Is it sinful to be extraordinary?

Tun Mahathir was once a PM with an extraordinary thinking, but he did not flush the country down the toilet or let his people eat rubbish from the dumpster. He came up with Putrajaya, he made us proud to tell the world we are Malaysians. Wasn't he different from others?

Imagine that our previous PMs were just the same as us. Imagine that they like to gossip, discriminate others for wearing pants and not baju kurung to work, or to sell those products from catalogues, do you think that people from Australia or other developed countries would know we are actually living in houses and not trees?

It's time to change. If you think the world evolves ONLY around you, then you are wrong. The world DOES NOT evolve only around you. If I were to compare you and my 12-year old brother, I bet he is way smarter and have more vision in life than you are.

....and I'd still choose to discriminate people with narrow-minds.


  1. To Judge or To Help.
    To Sit Still Or To Change.


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