Dan kesudahannya

Dia pergi dan takkan kembali lagi.

To my dearest child, when you read this, please know that Mom sayang my Wan very much as I want you to love my mother, who is your Wan as much as I did.

I miss each and every second of my life, regretting for not being even closer to her when she was still alive.

After almost 5 days of a coma, she has finally returned to The Creator. She was only 69 years old and everyone knows that she was perfectly healthy.

This is the first time that I see Wan looked so calm and quiet. She was a friendly and a cheerful person before. How I hope I could turn back time and tell her how much I love her.

Wan, semoga engkau damai di sana. Bersemadi bersama bonda dan ayahanda mu. Engkau sentiasa di ingatanku nenda. Akan aku bawa segala ajaran serta adat keturunanmu dalam jiwa. Semoga aku tidak leka. Semoga engkau sentiasa damai disana.



  1. ingat lah mereka yang telah pergi dalam doa kita.


  2. sorry to hear that.

    moga rohnya dicucuri rahmat. Ameen.


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