I am proud to announce that I spontaneously planned a mini getaway with wan elly yesterday evening. We were both broke, with very little money left to be spent in two weeks time before the pay day comes we managed to rent a car, siap-siap, dressed-up nicely and went to Ipoh.

I have never done this before. Knowing me, I'm a shy, no self-confident or even a little esteem about doing any adventurous and not to mention, spontaneous decision like what I did today. I prefer to be in the safe zone, that so-called, "comfort zone" but something got into me and my sense said, "Jom keluar tonight!"

I thought that both of us, wan elly and me need a little of extrinsic motivation in order for us to mark that bundles of exam papers! I'm not complaining but to read a piece of essay that contains 80% grammatical errors and 99.9% errors in sentence structure, I say, I'd rather hide in the cave than marking those scripts! We have at least 40 students to a code and we have to mark at least four classes. You do the math. How many do you think?

If I have the formula, the marking may look something like this:

(40 Reading + 40 Writing) x (crappy essays) x 4 = shot in the head? or can you just please, kill me now.

So, the jalan-jalan was fun! Wan Elly said, "aku rasa muda malam ni!"

jyeahhh!! I felt the same! It has been awhile I went out late at night and not to worry whose sending me or picking me up later. Just like the usual thing that I did back when we were studying. I miss those days!


  1. jeaaahhh!! muda and flirty. ahahahhaa!!! deng!!! thnx adib!!! :D

  2. ahahaha! it takes two to tango! :P
    tahniah elly berjaya memandu sejauh itu! jyeaahhh!

  3. first of all, i like your blog title. haha. a siti indeed. =)

    and, i like your writings.

    thirdly, i like the fact that you're a teacher and you're writing.

    because i'm a writing teacher, too.


    will keep coming!

  4. jyeeeeaaaaahhh!nk sbok gak.

  5. Ms. Potter: thank you for dropping by and liking the blog. I'm flattered and not to mention, honoured for the previous comment. please come again soon and drop whatever comments or critiques as you please. have a nice day! :)


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