Legal gambling?

Have you ever thought that gambling can be a legal, social conduct in order to avoid poverty?

Take this situation as an example, a guy who is desperately in need of money to find a job, to pay his telephone bills, to pay for other bills, to pay for rent, or even maybe to pay for his own food. He has no other financial sources and he has no longer working due to some inevitable series of unfortunate events.

So, gambling a few sum of money, his own money won't be totally wrong rather than he rob other people's property (bank, house, shops, you name it) or robbing a person for his or her money. Well, what do you think?

Someone even suggested to me that perhaps if we donate some of the money to any charity, or welfare organisation, it will help to cleanse the winning prize. We use only the amount of money that we need and give the rest of it to those in need. Fair eh?

To be honest, I am not sure about this but it does seem a little bit convincing. Life won't be so hard if gambling has its purpose of deeds but then again, there's no such thing as gambling is legal in Islam. Never, it shall be. Life in this world is always in turbulence but the life in the after would be fair and never ending happiness.

Just be patience. One day, I know that my wheel of life is going to be at the top again. I'm sure of that.


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