Inspired Recipe of the Korean Tteokbokki - latest update with photos!

Spicy Noodles with Rice Cakes, Mussels, Mushrooms, and Cheese!

I have been having a sudden crave of the Korean's spicy rice cake or Tteokbokki for almost 2 months and I am not even pregnant.

The sudden craving is probably due to my recent obsession of Mukbang and this lady, Keemi, is among the Mukbangers that I look forward to watch weekly. Other than Keemi, I also enjoy watching Ben Deen. And there are a few others who really go to an extra mile in making great videos of eating and cooking yummy food.

Back to my craving phase, I have been wanting to eat yummy Korean food and I have had even tried eating a tteokboki at a restaurant near my office and honestly, they tasted horrible! I cried buckets inside when they sent my order and it was totally crap. The taste was not even close to the taste of real food. I understand if the taste was going to be a bit peculiar but the food I ordered was beyond that. I can definitely eat Kimchi, Bulgogi, or any of the Jigaes, but that restaurant's tteokbokki, it was very disgusting. I don't think I should be sharing the restaurant's name or anything like that but if you can find out where I work, you would probably find out the name of the restaurant. It is the only Korean restaurant where I'm working, that sells that dish.

Anyway, due to the devastation of the bad taste, I decided to google up for a recipe on how to cook the dish. Well, most of the recipes I found on the internet require a lot of ingredients which are expensive, non-existed in Malaysia, or non-halal.

But one day, as I was going through Keemi's video playlist, I encountered with her spicy noodles recipes. I found out a recipe on how you could actually improvise the Samyang's spicy noodle and make it more enjoyable by adding rice cakes! Yippe yay!

So, I went to the groceries and found myself a promotion of the Samyang's Super Spicy Noodle (fried) and a bag of rice cakes. I even bought some Enoki mushroom, spring onions, and Mozarella cheese. Well, I'll get to why adding cheese later.

The way to prepare the dish is super simple. All you have to do is boil some water and dump in the rice cakes. I cut the rice cakes to smaller pieces as I found it hard to chew. Once it is boiled, I added the noodle and the hot chilli paste into the boiled rice cake. When they are almost cooked, I added the mushroom and spring onions. I stirred up and gave it a taste, but it was too spicy and bland. What I did was that, I added in 2-3 tablespoons of Prego's Marinara sauce into the noodle mix and it turned out to be, SUPERB!

Last part before I plated the dish, I grated some Mozarella cheese and added them into the noodle. Since the soup was so hot, the cheese melted gracefully. The stringy texture made my dish looked more appetizing.

I didn't snap a picture as my phone was charged in the room but I will surely take a picture of the dish when I'm having it again.

I decided to cook the dish again on this cold, raining weather and I added some mussels which I bought few days ago. The taste is different today and I think the mussels gave it a different, uplifting, and authentic taste to the dish!

My tummy was so happy and felt very much satisfied with the first time try and the try again today. Keemi, you are my hero. Thanks for sharing the recipe! Go ahead and try out the recipe. I have also attached some pictures and list of ingredients that you can go get at the store near you!

Samyang Spicy Noodle with Rice Cakes


1 packet of Samyang Spice Noodle (I used the fried noodle pack, but if you could get your hands on the soup pack, that could be even better)
Korean Rice Cakes (Chongga Brand, stick type)
2-3 tbsp of Prego's Marinara sauce
Enoki mushroom
Spring onion
Mozzarella cheese


1. Bring some water to boil and cut the rice cakes into smaller bits and add them into the water.

2. Add in the spicy noodle's chili paste together with the Marinara sauce.

3. Then, add in the noodles. Don't cook too long as the noodle will be too soggy.

4. Stir every thing in the pot and add in the mushroom, mussels, and spring onions.

5. Add in the grated cheese - you may want to add more if you are crazy with cheese!

6. Don't forget to add in the sesame seeds and chopped nori (seaweed) from the noodle's pack to garnish!



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