the first time I write in my blog was about him...

As I was browsing through my iTunes, I discovered one song that was always played in my mind.

Avenged Sevenfold- Dear God.

I miss that song so much. I could still remember, wahyu dedicated the song for me. He told me to take care wherever I am here in Malaysia as he is so far away in Jogja. We were best buds back then. I don't know what had happened between us.

Well, I have never cheated on him. I just don't think that the relationship was going to make it. I'm over here and he's over there. It's hard to be apart from our loved ones right?

If he's reading this, I hope he'll forgive me and understand that we were both young and naive about everything. Now that we're both have finally found our other halves (him & monika, me & tj), I hope that we could still be friends because I really miss you man.

I wish to come back to Jogjakarta one day and to see you and others again. I'm sorry for the things that didn't work out between us and I really hope that we can be friends again.

A smile from me, here in Kuala Lumpur :)


  1. Start of an Odyssey
    an eventful if not beautiful journey thus far isn't it?


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