Pernah tak rasa?

Walaupun kita tak kenal mana orang tu, tapi when it's time for him or her to leave, there's that unhappy feeling inside. So, boleh imagine tak if the person is someone whom you know so much or probably like or LOVE so much? The unhappy feeling will surely not only just an ordinary feeling but terrifyingly crushed?

The reason why I'm writing this entry after so long is that a lot of people from the office is leaving or has left. That includes Grant, one of the bosses who's so great and fun, Eve, the not-so-friendly-boss-but-I-have-no-problem-with, Daniel, the ultimate fun apek, and now, it's Greg's turn.

Although Greg is not that close to me all this while, I could still feel that unhappy feeling seeing him going away. Geez!

I just hate saying goodbye. I just hate seeing people leaving. Especially when they are leaving to somewhere, probably great and I'm stuck here, feeling miserable in this not so happy place.


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