Serius ke weh??!

Have you ever been encountering a funny feeling of; you know that there's a weird, annoying, evil thing is going to happen but it is not saliently spoken or shown yet you are too convinced about your senses?

Yes, I am having that now. This annoying little thing that is going to happen is going to be so shitty and I know more people are gonna be hurt but I am just too lazy to even say a word about it.

What more appropriate I could do? Give advice? That is already sounded stupid.

Stop it from happening? It might be a good idea if I have devised a strategic plan and the problem is clearly stated. 

All in all, I just want to speak this thing here ambiguously so NO ONE understands it. So I won't hurt anyone's feeling; the person who's gonna do the evil nor the victim. 

One clue I could state is that this evil plan by someone may involve hearts, and it absolutely involves a man and a woman. 

Enough clue?


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