Approximately lagi 4 bulan..

...aku akan kahwin. Unlike others, they are pretty excited updating their blogs, twitters, facebook status and whatnot about the upcoming event, I chose not to. It's not because I'm not excited, I'm UBER, superbly excited about it but I'm restraining myself to show that look on my face (most probably because I'll be even more annoying with it). And mostly because I really want to make this thing happen this time; no heartbreaks, no fights, no "terasa-hati", and no other negative-related kind of feelings from me (or my family side) to others and vice versa.

I want to make my relationship with Farid to be halal ASAP! I want him to be the imam of my new family in-the-making. Leading me and my children (InsyaAllah) towards Jannah and the better way of life. I can't hardly wait for that. But maybe I've grown up after all these years and writing, or telling the whole world (or even here in the blog) about what's going on in my life every single second, isn't my cup of tea anymore.

Maybe I'm seeing things differently now. What's good in telling about what's going on or what will happen to others and especially to some strangers, unknown people, reading your blog. I'll be blessed if those who read pray for my well being but what if it goes the other way round?

Well, maybe it's just me. A bit bitter and paranoid these days. Whatever it is, I just hope that the preparation is going to be sailing smoothly and of course, memorable! And lagi satu, a success!

Jom nyanyi; "Yay! yay! nak kahwin! Yay! yay! nak kahwin! Yay! yay! nak kahwin! Yay! yay! nak kahwin!"


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