Last saturday, my mother in-law was talking about Muslimah clothings, being a full time hijabi and all. Well, at first I thought she was just creating a conversation with me about this Muslimah fashion and stuff but in the middle of the conversation, it felt like she's telling me something without actually telling me it. She said something about, "wearing hijab and all but with a tight clothings are so not cool." So, knowing my kind of collections of wardrobes, I was somehow, felt a little glitch that she actually does mind me wearing such baju ketat when I go out.

Well, the thing is that, I don't want to wear the baju ketat anymore but I really am saving my salary for other stuff like treating family, buying food, buying all that important stuff first and by the end of the day, I don't have enough cash to buy the Muslimah baju and all. Mahal sangat!

Another reason would be, dulu sebelum kahwin, badan tak lah segedempol ini. Maka sekarang, badan dah memuncak naiknya dengan makan tak jaga, dengan suami cakap peluk lagi sedap kalau berisi, so, if you are in my place, nak ke kurus-kurus? Tambah lagi dengan my mother in-law cooks like a super-hebat masterchef!

I am in dilemma. If I just buy the clothes I want, seen from the websites, I'd definitely be broke by 12th of every month! Tapi kalau tak beli, nanti bukan setakat mak mertua, mak sendiri pun dah start sound-sound suruh pakai baju labuh-labuh, longgar-longgar.

Well, nak pulak dah masuk Ramadhan, I think I have to re-strategize my finance so then I can still shop for clothes whenever I want. Ke patut carik kerja baru yang gajinya lagi besor?

Haih..ini cerita Ramadhan aku?


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