Another new Gregorian year

So 2013 has come to us. As for today, 2 January 2013, I am 21 weeks 2 days pregnant and still wondering where will I go and deliver this bun in the oven. 

I have been thinking a lot lately; with the current financial status, convenience, and even the most comfort I shall get when delivering the baby. These things will definitely not going to be anything fun, nor easy for the both of us. Who knows that giving birth could actually cost you a fortune! (Hubs said the darnedest thing this evening when he heard that one could be charged up to RM10K for a delivery-"boleh kahwin lagi satu!")

Yes, that's true. My sister in-law had to go through a Caesarean delivery for her first baby and that cost her RM11K! I was in shocked hearing this fact and becoming very worried about this bun when it's ready soon.

Well, definitely not a good start to think about worrying and stressing matters at this time especially now with the baby is actively moving and hiccuping inside me. So, what I'm going to do starting from today onward is that I am going to save money! I'll call that "Bun's delivery stash"! 

Hopefully that our rezeki for this year is going to be in berkah and of course, more! Amin...

ps. I think we can't call the bun princess or mommy's girl after all.. the last time we checked, the doctor said it's probably a boy. (since the doctor can't see mommy's bun clearly sebab dia duduk tonggeng sambil mengepit!)

And here's to 2013 and yes, the first entry for you guys! 


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