all in one!

hey2, here are some of the things that i have wanted to write. apparently i had so little time and so many things to write, so i have to cramp everything in one shot!

  1. what do you think will happen to me and wahyu? will it last forever? should we stay together? for how long? blergghhh~
  2. one word to describe how the hell i'm feeling right now, KANGEN BANGAT!
  3. a lot of things have changed in one year but all i'm hoping is that our love will remain as strong as steel.
  4. i have changed my clothes, my new pair of jeans, my new pair of wedges, my coach. even my laptop and now, my mobile phone. let's just hope this one thing shall never change, my heart.
  5. a shoutout for my beloved students, 2A, 2D and 1KRK2! they have been a helpful studs! hail ohh 2A !! i'm giving them an A for cooperation + determination + changes + effort + loveable-ness +everything!!

ohh...dear yang,

i know it was my fault. i was too emotional about what happened between me and my students. thanx for the thought tho. luff ya.


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