the issue of getting married suddenly popped out in my mind.

i feel like getting married. i can't wait to get married.

the question is with who? wahyu?

does he want to get married?

i have never asked him about this yet.

sometimes i wonder where is the end of our relationship?

will there be a sweet and beautiful ending?

to be honest, sometimes i feel tired of getting to know someone new in order to gain a new relationship.

i don't feel like doing it anymore.

i'm the kind of person who gets irritated easily with a human being called man who does not even know how to act manly (in other words, mengada-ngada lg manja) ----> euuww!

thus, what i'm trying to comply here is that let me be the one who acts like a little girl, cuddles with the lover and the guy please, act manly!

you people (guys) look hideous and not to mention, horrendous when you starts to cuddle with the ladies. that is if your lady can accept it but a big NO for me.

yes, i'm hoping that my dream of getting married to wahyu is going to be soon and no other will replace him in my heart.

err..where will i stay when we got married later? Indo or Mly?

lagi satu nak kena pk. ish!


  1. indon ar! bleh kim barang nanti~ ngeee...

  2. kawen adib.jangan xkawen.hehe

  3. amar: kim brg ape? igt org selamenye ke nak ulang alik beli brg jek?

    izat: ckp senang ar. ko kawen dulu tgk.


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