not a word

Yep. Not even a word. I wonder why?

After I have said sayonara he didn't say anything.

What even surprises me more was that he didn't even shout or swear at me.

Lucky me ? or am I supposed to be saying, Darn! he never really love me! ?

I have prepared my mind, body and soul to listen to whatever mockery or rage that he wanted to splash on me. Apparently, nothing!

Dem. Buat susah jek aku nervous. Buang mase aku jek becintan-cintun dgn die.

He is zero.


  1. i see..i see..okay. time to move on kan? huhu..mai aku bwat iklan untuk ko nak?? *sebnornye aku dah mati kutu cuti lama sgt2 ni*

  2. ahahha. takyah la iklan2. im fine bebeh. tgk blog bru update tuh.


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