Shedding tears

I will never learn from mistakes. Mistakes haunt me yesterday and yes, it is still haunting me today.

There are times when I thought that I would never do the same mistakes again but I do.

Speaking of relevance VS irrelevance, logical thinking VS self-denial, which one is logic? Which one is relevance? In which context that one could imply the logical thinking into? What's wrong with being self-denial? Why can't there be irrelevance matters?

As I am now, who am I or WHAT am I?

If I ever tell anyone that I am suicidal, is that my fault? Simply because, things that are in my head that provoked me towards life despair and one might eventually say, "You're thinking too much" or "try to focus on something else for the time being. forget about it."

But in the end I don't know what I want to hear. I just want things to be better for once.

Is it really too much to ask?

I might be laughing my guts out with you and I might as well go out and have fun with my friends. Deep down inside me, I'm crying out loud. I want an answer.

Here I am again, talking sh^t.

picture is from here.

p.s. How I hope I'm a different person than who I am right now.


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