try test cinta hati ku yang baru

figurasi 1.o : makan makan (tangan babah)

figurasi 2.0 : arif bajet stylo

figurasi 3.0 : harmoni habes (babah terselit)

thanks bah for this! I'll cherish this forever. I love you.


  1. Dear Beda

    If you've tasted those bitter stints of life,
    it'll only make sweet moments like these taste that much sweeter.

    ~Misogynous Stalker~

  2. mcm sedap jek!

  3. dear misogynous stalker,
    may i know who are you?

  4. Who i am is irrelevant,
    i go by many names,
    depending on whats appropriate at the time,
    and "Misogynous Stalker" was merely one of them,
    you need not fear,
    my stalking activities are only limited to stalking BLOGS.


    ~Misanthropic Stalker~


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