one by one..biting the dust?


After eating all those lovely nasi minyak, ayam masak merah, kari and rendang, it came across my mind that hell yeah everyone is getting mini handcuffs on their fingers. One by one!

It started with Sya -- the most "unsangkarable" person who would want to get married even before graduating! and followed by several others (who are our friends but not one of the circle of the sisterhood), to multiple, consecutive, turn-taking engagement started with Sipi Al-Idrus, followed by Fie, 'In, Dela, Masyi and Eleena (I'm not too sure of the sequence but you get the picture don't you?).

Last week was 'In and Ikram's wedding, this week is Sipi and Ijan's wedding, followed by Dila and Tawam in February, Fie and Safwan in May and others, I'm not too sure but will find out about it later.

So, here goes; Congratulations for the newly weds, happy honeymoon and to those who are getting married/engaged/anything related to the above, Congratulations in advance! Many happy returns and please, I want to see you guys produce babies, babies, BABIES!!

and here's the perfect wedding song for you guys!


  1. NOT to rub it in, but i thought you were one of these lucky few, well as you say it, lucky masses who are getting engaged/married. Its not all that fun seeing the world go by isn't it?

    Look on the bright side, your already gathering funds for that eventuality of settling down, when the time comes, your gonna be ready both spiritually and financially ;)

    By they way, did fifi get married?

  2. fifi? as in bhai jual karpet tu? not sure about it. but if he did get married and didn't invite us, he'll gonna get it really soon!

  3. you guys went to his wedding right?
    i couldnt


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