mari sini cik adik semua...

....akak nak crita a little bit of my experience preparing for the wedding.

If you girls are preparing for the paperworks to get married i.e. the borang nikah, jumpa jurunikah and stuff, make sure that you have already checked yourselves for the HIV test! (you should know about this since they've told you during the kursus pra-nikah).

But that's not really what I wanted to tell you girls. The thing is about doing this HIV test, you have to have patience and of course, go and make surveys at the government clinics or hospitals that suit you best.

It is also depending on your luck because when I went to do the HIV test yesterday, I was in a tough luck since I have to make an appointment after going through the crazy traffics and long journey to Shah Alam for it. I have to come back again next Tuesday (21/ Feb) for the test as there were too many people queuing up for their turns. As I have asked my friends in the office and they specifically mentioned not to go to the Putrajaya Hospital because you'll have to wait for at least a MONTH to do the test and go straight to Shah Alam (Seksyen 7) and do the test without making any appointment beforehand. So I guess, it really depends on your luck if you go at the time when not many people are getting married, you could probably do the test there and then!

So, to be safe, call before you go the clinic/hospital and ask them whether you have to make an appointment for the test and yes, do the HIV test early even if during the kursus pra-nikah the "cikgu" tells you to do it 3 months before your wedding! but of course make sure it's not too early because the result will only valid for 3 months (or is it 6 months - I'll have to check back with this one later).

The place where you can do the test? All the government clinics/hospitals are okay. But so far, most of my friends (here in the office) prefer to go to Shah Alam. Here's the address and the contact numbers!

Klinik Kesihatan Seksyen 7No 2, Persiaran Kayangan Seksyen 7
40000 Seksyen 7
Petaling Selangor
Tel : 03-55186531
Fax : 03-55186532

And if you think that it's too far and not convenient for you to go there, you can view this link to the other klinik kesihatan!

Hope that this helps you girls out there!


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