finally the pictures are here!

Pada sabtu yang dah lepas, kelas aku telah mengadakan seminar yang julung-julung kalinya dinantikan para students Faculty of Education!

so, here are the pictures taken...
(terlampau banyak dan aku terpaksa buat collage. hope u guys enjoy it!)

the best part is that, it's over!


  1. juz wanna drop by to say hye!!

  2. hey hey kucai!
    tq for dropping by~

  3. I Love Smileys.
    Positive thinking aside,
    I Love Smileys.'d be great to have a smiley...

    ~Misanthropic Stalker~

  4. yes and so that you cud drop a little bit of ketchup on the pin so that it'll look like comedian's pin in the watchmen rite?

  5. Well, that's sounds fun and all if not a bit Juvenile, and is the central emblem of the movie.

    BUT, the original form of the comedian's symbol Misanthropic Approach to being a 'superhero' is what truly intrigues me.

    When all around you things are bleak and useless, all you can do is do you little smile, and hope for that last laugh.

    ~Misanthropic Stalker~


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