I am currently feeling that my

Plans have not gone accordingly and it was due to a bad start.

It's too late to change the plan and nevertheless, time machine is just a myth.

Life is not really that beautiful when you eventually awaken by those occurrence in life.

Being bad-ass for a change does change something. Karma.

Those who don't believe in it, go seek help because Karma is a bitch. She does not only come with puppies, she brings along her little dog-house and neighbourhood to make sure you are in torment.

What else that I can do? What change can I make now? Nothing.

Life is simple, they say. But how can it be simple when all these crappy feelings come and haunt you in the middle of AE-ing (I made this up)?

I fell for the wrong guys over and over again and I got dumped over and over again.

Today, I miss the one person that I shouldn't be missed. I texted him and asked his doing.

Then my head starts to spinning around and thinking of irrelevant matters. My heart turns mellow and now I'm listening to the pathetic, love songs.

And yes, my work is hanging and I'm watching Gossip Girl.

Life is easy. Easily wreck I would say. Or, easily disturbed.

I hope I turn out to meaner one day and see life not only easy, carefree and not serious. How's that for a change?


  1. 'Karma is a bitch'

    colorful representation of fate.

    Everybody feels the same way in moments such as this. But in hindsight you'll realize, you can re-iterate your plan, to make it better, if not to just minimize the damage.

    Life is a vast array of small steps, walking is a series of calculated falls, falling is a leap of faith, faith works in tandem with commitment.

    Life is simple to screw up , and hard to succeed. You of all people know there best feeling you have is getting the most out of your hard work, savoring those hard-earned victories.

    Missing someone you shouldn't? its your right to miss ANYONE, regardless of the circumstances, let alone someone you've loved, i can only imagine the pain.

    You don't really have to be mean to be truthful to yourself. Don't let the harsh realities of life bite you down to much, kick it in the head a few times, stand back up, and dust yourself off. I'm sure your not the one to give up.

    Take the good, shrug of the bad.
    and hope for the best.

    PS:Languishing in the pain is therapeutic to a certain point, then like any other 'remedy', too much of a good thing is just damn harmful.

    ~Misanthropic Stalker~

  2. adib..i know that feeling. It's a bitch, really. ;(

  3. life is simple,but sometimes full of crap.its how u deal wit these crappy times that really matters.
    u don't have 2 sit,sulk or cry over 'issues' that should be long 4goten bcoz it will only make u feel crappier n less happier.
    u don't have 2 change who u are or bcome any meaner,bcoz it doesn't promise that ur life would be any better.
    throw away all those painful memories,bcoz they're just NO good 2 u.
    enjoy life's experiences while u can,explore everything,embrace all the knowledge u may come across,n NEVER give a f**k to the people or things around u that may try 2 bring u down.
    i'm not a preacher,just a friend who cares..=)

  4. sorry to come of preachy.

    one of my many faults.

    ~Misanthropic Stalker~


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