"those who can't, Teach!"

How can one think of such allegation whereas teaching actually is a noble profession?

I personally chose not to pursue with educating the future generation not because I didn't want to teach them but it is because I don't have the talent to do so. One may say that this is merely an excuse but to think of it again, are you sure about going through with all sorts of attitudes, thinking and actions?

Some may be well-brought up by their parents but those who are less fortunate, you would never know how hard it is to sit down and reason with them.

I must say, three months of practical training at school were not enough. Insufficient amount of experience and remedy to cure my phobics towards the title of "A Teacher", led to my decision of choosing a career that is not merely about handling kids at school with a lot of politics, agenda and propaganda.

Well, the chaos of processing the teaching and learning in classroom was already challenging, but to add on more salt and pepper, it can be a hectic job.

I know my capability. I know my limits and that is why, teaching is beyond my reach. It is so noble that I don't think I will fit into the job. I don't want to fail and not knowing whether I can get up again. Thus, this is my decision and to those who think of pursuing teaching just because you don't get a better job, don't try to be a teacher, you will only end up by destroying our nations.

Enough said.

p.s. thank you to my beloved Puan Rohaya for today's enlightening arguments in class.


  1. My Sentiments Exactly.

    ~Misanthropic Stalker~


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