Rambling thoughts 5

Selalu nak rasa diri kreatif dari orang lain tapi end up paling ntah apa-apa. Nak ingat kan eh, this is a rambling thought of mine.

This week is the third week of a new semester tapi, I'm still feeling unproductive with any of my classes. Feeling tired for no reason tu satu hal. Rasa malas nak mengajar and not knowing what to teach padahal I've been teaching the same subject and modules for almost two freakin' years now.

As usual, I'm gonna blame it to my imbalance hormone dan rasa mual kekerapan 3 dalam sebulan dengan the usual working life yang takde naik/turun (ada la sikit tapi hakikatnya tak reti bersyukur kan).

According to a famous blogger; Maria Elena, chill jek lah when this kind of shit happens tapi a thing about me is that..I don't know how to chill. Semua benda pun fikir macam nak pecah kepala and semua benda pun take really serious. I never joke about life.

Not that I mean Maria jokes about her life but some people that I know, they can make problems look so tiny and make a joke out of it in order for them to solve the problems. Yang mana, I can't. Jealous sungguh dengan that kind of ability.

Well, gotta swallow down all the bittersweet of life in order to survive this cruel reality aren't we? *swallow, swallow*

Can't wait to go home and take a shower and do something productive!


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