Rambling thoughts 6

I was going through my old posts just now and I found out how shitty my writings are! Tetiba rasa malu dengan diri sendiri, siap berangan nak jadik writer. Pehal weh self-confident tinggi menjulang melantun-lantun? Tak "seswai".

And another thing, this just occurs to me 5 minutes ago, should I delete all those crappy entries, especially talking about my exes and dates so that my child in the future won't be too much affected or got all yucky with his/her mom's "love-life-story"?

Well, if you ask me, honestly, I don't mind but at times I do feel that I need to be a little sensitive towards the feelings of others, especially that now I'm dating someone. Do you think he would mind I keep all the entries and bittersweet memories about my former boyfriends/scandals?

Takde salahnya kan? Tapi he would think that I still have feelings for the "old spark" yang mana memang dah takde langsung tu. It's just that I'm the kind of person who will keep the old stuff I bought or given by people no matter how ugly or annoyingly packing my little space it is. I like that feeling of keeping memories. For future laughs or consciousness. True eh?

Takpe lah kan..we'll see if he's gonna say anything about the entries IF he sees it in the future. (Mesti lah aku tak tunjuk lagi blog ni kan.)

Speaking about him, I know he'll be cool about it. Sebab apa? Sebab boifrenk saya memang cool? (muka serius tak lawak punya).

Maybe he'll find this blog soon. I know he will and when you read this encik abang, sila senyum sampai telinga okay?

Should head for my class now. And oh, 7 days to go before Hari Raya Aidilfitri. How time goes by.. Selamat Hari Raya in advance people! Nanti aku post lagu raya so that yang duduk jauh kat perantauan boleh nangis syahdu dengar lagu raya. ngeh.


  1. ye saya tersenyum tp xboleh sampai telinga(mcmne?)ngeh.
    thanks for being sensitive dn pikir pasal org lain.much appreciated!
    the past shall remain past, most important now is present and the future.
    awak sgt sueet & kool.


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