Deleted post

Well, HELLLOOOOOOOOO dear Martians!

As you can see, I have actually changed a little bit of the layout of my blog so it won't look too dull and gloomy like most time and of course, due to the fact that I'm marrying Farid soon, I have decided to delete ALL unnecessary, insignificant memories and events off from the blog!

I want to start a new page, a new life and of course with Farid!

The blog will be talkin' about mostly; my future husband, my future babies (insyaAllah) and all the great food, places, things I've eaten, gone to, done!

I'm looking forward for this journey of two people to start soon. Please pray for our health, patience and of course safety wherever we go as I'll do the same for you, insyaAllah.

I'll share new, interesting stuff with you soon. As for now, we are still the counting the days; 29 days left!

Tick tock tick tock tick tock!


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