EDU 666

hey my dear blog.

it has been a hell of a week. i'm trying to go through with this misery and it's damn killing me! sesungguhnya aku yg bernama adeb sgt2 lah kepenatan. i'd never tot that teaching can be this tiring. haha. everytime that aku start type kt blog aku is about complaints. i'm complaining about my life, i'm complaining about the shitty things that happen and i'm complaining about this stupid practical months! tolong la taknak dah pegi practical bley takk?

baru jek 2 weeks and i'm feeling nauseated. aku sgt2 muak. aku sgt2 penat. aku sgt2 benci. especially with the part where i have to work under someone's supervision. i hate that. ok blog, this is an honest confession, i hate being supervised. i hate being told to do things. i'm a man (er..or girl..or lady..) who works on his (er..her..) own without anyone telling him (er..her..) what he (she la gle) should or should not do! in brief, i hate my pk!

korang out there who soon to be a teacher trainee, i advise you to ask your coordinator not to send you to section n!^3.. not that the school is lame or anything. it's just that you will suffer when you have to deal with old, annoying and not to forget evil and crazy woman who thinks she owns the world! penat ko tau. sumpah keseksaan. damn it. i want to put an end to this misery!

kepada anda2 yang dah lame tak contact aku tolong la contact aku. (this is specially dedicated to wahyu nurcahaya) mane tah die dah pergi. i miss you like hell tau tak??!

ohhh..let's talk about what happened during the practical..there's one time, i'm teaching 2D. they are not the most intelligent students but dorang sgt2 baik dan mendengar kata. i love them so much! one day, while i was talking in the class, membebel mcm nak gile dgn tahap kebisingan tahap dewa melampau..suddenly the students outside the classroom started to scream mcm org gile. not to say screaming but making the sounds which can shiver your spine gak ar. so i went out from the class to check out what's happening. bukan la aku ni concern ke ape sbb aku nak tau wats up so there's something to share with my housemates balik skolah kang. haha. turn out to be takde ape2 dorg saje2 jek nk wat bising. mcm siyal. so kitorg masuk ar class blk. penyelia ptg pon muka dah cuak, pucat gle muka hengat there's something bad happening. huhu. Gosh! you should have seen her face! apparently cikgu2 lain still dalam bilik guru and i was the only one yg npk muka die. aku tergelak sket dlm hati. (ek eleh lek ar kan..budak2 mmg camni..) then, masuk class aku tnye students aku, "what happened?" sume pon tatau. muka blurr.. masing2 dh taknak blaja. so what i did was i sat with them in a circle and i asked them to close the doors sbb badan aku pon dah tak sdap. suddenly i remembered the time when kt skolah dulu hysteria. it started like this la. aku pon dok borak2 dgn dak2 ni. tgh2 dlm borak i heard a girl's screaming tp since that no one dengar so i tot it was merely my imagination aku pon bia kan la. then, this one student ask me.."teacher, i don't feel that good la teacher. can we not talk about this cite antu anymore?" so aku pon stop la cite..then the others were like pissed off la sbb they don't want to have a class. all they want for the day is to borak2. ohh lupe nk mention at the time the girls mintak excuse class aku sbb nk g cooking class. so i let them. takpe la ade byk mse lg nk spend dgn dak2 nih.

later on, english period pon abes. the guys are supposed to go to the bengkel ade living skills class..(cewahh! kemahiran hidup la gile) tp dorg insisted on me continue telling them stories. they are not like this during the lesson. smpai si Kumanan, Joseph, Goh, Danesh and all the moral students pon sibuk nk dgr cite aku. slalu these moral students they don't bother to listen to what ever shit i'm talking about dlm class. i'm impressed! this is the first time!

before i actually left the class, they all started to say, "thank you teacher!" which is slalunye nk kene suroh baru dorg bwat! hohoho! aku lg la impressed! haha. i have won half of the battle man! so...tomorrow i'll be seeing these crazy students for only one period. let's see how are they going to behave! haha. k ar nitey blog. luv u.

i need to get away from life again.. i miss kapas.


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