have you ever thought of...

i was walking in PKNS today when i saw a pair of lovers sitting next to each other eating ice-cream in front of the ATM. the guy was looking at me and smiled as if i knew him in his previous life while the girlfriend was talking on the phone, angrily. --- she must've been talking to the boyfriend's other girlfriend i guess.

i looked away from them and stood behind a lady in red kebaya. her dress was beautiful but one thing that i noticed, she had a tattoo on her neck. at the moment, the term beautiful, fades away...

finally, after all of the standings and pain in my foot, it was my turn to withdraw the money to be spent on the day's food, drinks, good things and photocopied notes and worksheet or my beloved students. i heard someone called me during the transaction but i ignored the calling since i was too attentive on looking at the balance in my account. as i was counting the money, i heard the same person calling my name again. so i turned around and it turns out to be no one.

so i decided to walk again. this time i can feel that my feet are killing me. i'm so tired and it was so hot. i can feel it in my skin. the hot and burning air. almost too dry that i can't feel any moisture of the H2O. as i was complaining about the hot air, no moisture, bla bla bla i heard the same voice again. this time, it goes louder and even louder.. "adeb..adeb..adeb...!"

i feel like crying when i can't find that voice. i sat in the middle of the crowds (on a bench of course) then i stopped. i breathe. then, i closed my eyes. i can still hear the voice. when i opened my eyes, the voice disappeared.

have you ever thought of the voice that we sometimes hear exists and we are not lunatic. we are not skizos, it's just that we hear it. sometimes it called out our names and the other time it may be telling us to agree with our hunches or sometimes, it was just someone's voice, someone's so far away telling how much he or she is missing us perhaps?

creepy but it's true.


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