hey my dear blog! it has been a while. I am so busy with the load of works given by the school and i haven't had any time for myself or to write. well, to start off, i'm doing fine these days except for the fact that i'm not that free anymore. sometimes i feel so tired with the traveling and preparing the activities for the students that i forgot to have my meals. i don't want to say this but i don't think that teacher is my profession. i don't even know what exactly that i want to do later.
to add on with the misery, i have done something bad to my boyfriend. i had doubts with our relationship. i actually felt happy when someone nearer to me proposed to replace his place in my heart. thank god that i quickly realize that what i'm doing is wrong and i'm back with the old feelings towards my beloved wahyu. sorry yang. i can feel the guilt is eating me slowly tapi aku dah tobat! i won't do that again. maybe it was due to the tiredness kot. i just need him around but he was not around but i think i'm born for him and no one else but him. (poyo nye aku)
let's talk about my practical plak. here i would like to share with all of you the one thing that i don't think i will be able to do in he future anymore. to go to school and be a teacher. it' true that teaching is a noble profession but it's giving you a pain in the ass. i have to think of the students' activity everyday and i had to make sure that the activities planned go accordingly and also to ensure that the plans achieve its triumph whereby the students are to be able to understand my teaching and to cope with it. somehow, someway, it just tires me!
i'm sorry my dearest students i just don't think that i can do this anymore in the future. maybe this practical time is the time where i can reconsider my career path. uwaa! sedey nye.
ok lah i don't know wat else to membebel that's all i guess. ohh before that! go and watch hancock! worth rm11! haha. best gile!


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